Safety Concerns

Keep hands, face and body away from moving parts.
2. Before each use check the QUICK-SHOT for loose cap retaining screws. Tighten as needed.
3. Normal operating air pressure is 75 to 100 psi (5 to 7 bars).  Do not connect the QUICK-SHOT to an air line exceeding the maximum safe operating pressure of 125 psi (9 bars).
4. If the tool is dropped, disconnect it from the air line and examine it for cracked components.  Contact your dealer for replacement parts.
5. Disconnect the QUICK-SHOT after each use and safely store it in the storage case.


Connect the QUICK-SHOT to an airline not exceeding 125 psi (9 bars).  Use a regulator if necessary.
2. Slide a FAST-BOOT onto the QUICK-SHOT arms. Position the boot so the ends of the arms protrude slightly past the boot.  (When installing an inner boot turn the boot inside out before positioning it on the QUICK-SHOT arms. Turn the boot right side out before positioning on the joint.)
3. Apply air pressure to the QUICK-SHOT by pressing the large + button.
4. Apply enough air pressure so the QUICK-SHOT arms will fit over the CV joint. Keep your hands clear of moving parts! (At this point the tool can be disconnected from the air line and brought to the vehicle if needed.)
5. Place the arms of the QUICK-SHOT over the CV joint.
6. Press the small - button to release air pressure.  Keep your hands clear of moving parts!  Slide the FAST-BOOT off the arms while at the same time removing the QUICK-SHOT from the joint. Return the tool to the storage case.

Continue the FAST-BOOT installation as found on the FAST-BOOT instructions.

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