Hex Banding Tool Instructions

1) Wrap the clamp around the CV boot and thread the end through the buckle. Draw the clamp tight and bend as shown to hold tension. Trim the end of the clamp leaving a 2” tail.

2) Use hex tool and your 3/8” socket/ratchet as shown to tension clamp. Rotate hex tool down and under (clockwise in this photo) or damage may occur to clamp buckle. A properly tensioned clamp will be tight enough so the boot will not turn on the joint but not so tight that the boot or the buckle is damaged.

3) When the clamp is properly tensioned twist the ratchet to the side to put a crimp in the clamp. This crimp will hold clamp tension during next step.

4) Remove the ratchet. Roll the hex tool and the clamp tail back over the buckle. Remove the tool and flatten the clamp. Use a pliers or a hammer to tap the locking ears down to secure clamp. Trim the tail as needed to remove excess material.

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