Premium Banding Tool

The Premium Banding Tool lives up to its name. With high strength construction and a convenient ratchet, the 92094.200 is a professional grade tool that will provide the clamping tension needed for properly securing CV boots and other banding applications. In addition, its integrated band cutter allows you to trim the clamp in one simple motion.


Premium Banding Tool Installation Instructions Video


Standard Banding Tool

The 92094.210 Standard Banding Tool features a tensioning nut and band cutter for a simple, yet effective tool for installing CV clamps. The standard banding tool works with the installer’s ratchet and 1/2” socket or use the provided lever to tension the clamp.


Standard Banding Tool Installation Instructions Video



Hex Banding Tool


Hex Banding Tool Installation Instructions Video



Note: A properly tensioned clamp is tight enough so the boot will not
turn on the joint but not so tight that the rubber is damaged.

See Banding Tool Instructions and Hex Banding Tool Instructions

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