Follow the manufacturer’s repair manual to remove the drive axle. Typically the wheel and hub are removed. The knuckle is separated from the lower suspension arm and the knuckle and brake plate are separated from the axle. Check the axle for excessive wear and replace as necessary.

A Lightning-Boot cannot be installed using the Quick-Shot.

1.After removing the old boot, clean the joint and allow it to dry. Aerosol Carburetor or Brake Cleaner can be used to flush out the old grease if there is minimal contamination. (Follow the safety precautions listed on the can including the use of safety glasses.) If the joint is extremely contaminated, disassemble and clean the joint per the manufacturer repair manual.

2.Cut the grease packet diagonally at one corner. Squeeze the packet to provide a controlled flow of grease into the inside face of the CV joint concentrating the grease close to the axle. Also apply a light film of grease to the inside circumference of the small end of the boot where it will contact the axle. Remove extra grease from the outer edge or face of the bell.

3.Slide the boot along the axle up to the CV joint. Next pull the large end of the boot tightly onto the joint. At the same time slide the small end of the boot toward the joint while pinching the small end to release trapped air. You will hear air escape as the boot anchors onto the joint.

4.Wrap the long clamp around the large-end of the boot and thread the clamp through the buckle. Pull the clamp tight and bend the clamp as shown to hold it in place. If you are using the enclosed Hex Banding Tool trim the clamp leaving approximately a 2” tail. If you are using a professional banding tool do not trim the clamp and substitute your banding tool instructions.

5.Use the hex tool and your 3/8” socket/ratchet as shown to tension the clamp. Rotate the hex tool so the clamp is drawn down and under (clockwise in this photo) or damage may occur to the clamp buckle. A properly tensioned clamp should be tight enough so the CV boot will not turn on the joint, but not so tight that it will damage the rubber boot or the clamp.

6.When the clamp is properly tensioned twist the ratchet to put a crimp in clamp. This crimp will hold clamp tension during step 7.

7.Remove ratchet. Roll hex tool and clamp tail back over the top of buckle. Remove the hex tool and flatten out the clamp.

8.Using a pliers or hammer tap the locking ears of the buckle to hold clamp tail as shown.

9.Slide the small end of boot away from the joint until the boot is at its natural length. Vent the boot by pinching the small end and the boot will regain it original shape.

10.Install the short clamp in the same method as the long clamp. Use a ratchet extension if needed to provide clearance.

11.If the smaller diameter on the large end of the boot was used to achieve a tight fit, cut off the excess material along the score line with a sharp knife. Do not cut the small end of the boot.

12.Boot installation is complete. Follow the manufacturer repair manual to re-install the axle.

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