Boot Hints

1) Fast-Boots can be installed using a cone shaped installation aid like a plastic transmission funnel or something similiar. Cut the cone down to just fit over your CV joint and sand edges smooth. If replacing an outer boot (closest to the tire) turn the Fast-Boot inside out. If replacing an inner boot do not turn the boot inside out. Apply Lemon Pledge furniture wax or silicone spray to cone and inside of boot to allow boot to slide over cone. Pull boot over the CV joint with a firm swift motion. If replacing an outer boot turn boot right side out. Position boot on joint and follow Fast-Boot instructions.

2) Use aerosol Carburetor or Brake Cleaner (with straw) to flush out old grease and contaminates from a CV joint. Allow the joint to dry before packing with new CV grease. Follow all safety precautions listed on the can including the use of safety glasses.

3) Do not use WD-40 or similar product to clean a CV joint because it will leave a residue when it dries. This residue will negatively affect the new CV grease.

4) A properly tensioned clamp will be tight enough so the CV boot will not turn on the joint, but not so tight that it will pinch and damage the boot.

5) You will probably not use all 80 grams of CV grease included in a Fast-Boot kit. Fill the joint and save the balance for other uses including wheel bearings. Other boot kits may recommend that you fill the CV boot with grease. This does not apply to a Fast-Boot or a Lightning-Boot.

6) CV grease applied to the exposed portions of the CV joint (including bearings) will quickly migrate throughout the working components of the joint when the axle begins to rotate.

7) If the boot slides off the joint during installation it is usually because there is CV grease on the inside of the boot and outside of the joint. Wipe the grease off of both. Trapped air will also cause the boot to slip off. Release air with a screw driver and boot will suction onto joint.

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